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Meat Pie

Our classic, hearty meat pie with ground beef, egg and onion is a meal in itself.

Chicken Pie

A satisfying pie made with chicken, rice, onion, dill, and parsley in a light mayonnaise cream sauce.

Cabbage Pie

You've never had cabbage like this before! An Eastern European staple, tender and sweet.

Mushroom Pie

A “PIE” with mushroom filling, along with egg and onion.

Turkey Pie

Delightful turkey pie with spinach which weight is over 4 lbs!

Rabbit Pie

A taste of the forest with rabbit, onions and sour cream flavored with parsley and dill.

Salmon Pie

A version of 19 century Russo-French dish with moist salmon and dill.

Fish Pie

A combination of pike and perch make this a satisfying seafood treat.

Onion Pie

A “PIE” with onion and eggs.

Potato Pie

A “PIE” with potato filling mushroom and dill in a light sour cream sauce.

Salmon With Spinach Pie

A mixture of flavors and aromas of a fresh salmon, spinach leaves, and feta and mozzarella cheese make this pie the "REAL KING OF THE TABLE."

Spinach Pie

A satisfying “PIE” made with spinach, feta and mozzarella cheese.

Chicken With Broccoli

A combination of Chicken and broccoli, garlic and sour cream make this a satisfying treat.

Sweet Pies - TEMPORARILY for any order placed please call to confirm delivery! 855 800 3131

Cottage Cheese Pie

A bite of this light, airy and semi-sweet pie will give you the perfect burst of protein to start your day.

Lemon Pie

Sweet, bright and full of life this pie will open your eyes and bring a smile to your lips.

Black Currant Pie

Our sweet and flaky dough perfectly compliments the delicate flavor of black currant in this classic treat.

Apple Pie

Not as sweet but more fruity in fact, this twist on an American classic will delight your tastebuds.

Raspberry Pie

A fruit long associated with healing properties, this raspberry delight will cure all your sweet cravings.

Plum Pie

Never neglected as a second-class fruit, the rare flavor of this pie is mellow and complex.

Dried Apricot Pie

Dried apricots are rehydrated and cooked during the baking process, giving this pie a satisfying texture.

Cranberry Pie

For those who enjoy some tartness in their sweets you can do no better than this tangy treat.

Strawberry Pie (Seasonal)

Our most versatile flavor, this pie makes a great breakfast, dessert or all-day snack.

Mix Berry Pie

A tango of flavors between red and black currant, and raspberries.

Cot Cheese With Raspberry Pie

Light and tender, this one of a king flavored pie goes great with a morning cup of tea. 

Cherry Pie

This classic is often regarded as a “GREAT AMERICAN DISH”, which contains a flavorful cherry filling.

Apple With Cranberry Pie

Not too sweet, but more fruity. In fact, this twist on an american classic will delight your tastebuds. 



Chocolate Bun